Top Ten Mistakes When Writing Web Content.

1Being a web content writer, I have seen a lot of web content material, Some of them are really good and worth reading, But some of them are really bad too. Good content creates interest in readers to read further, But bad content will push your readers towards other websites.

These are the kind of web content, Which most content writers are not aware of it, It lies in between good and bad. It’s dull and unobtrusive. You can also call it useless as it does nothing.

For a while take companies who want to consider you as content specialist, as your client. Now, analyze why do you think they want to hire you? To come to their office to do a job? And what is that job? To learn about all the achievements of a company?

The answer is a big NO.

Clients come to you to see whether you can solve their problems or not.

May be a website owner thinks that their site is not very beautiful,  they need to develop a new website or redesign it to look better. Every website owner has different demands, But the motto always remains the same “ A beautiful website to pitch their sales and helps them in growing their business”, Regardless of the fact that either they are selling what their client wants or they are selling something which your client already have, In both the cases content is insanely important.

Try fulfilling such needs. It may sound easy, But only a few of the web specialists are doing their job right, the rest are filling their web sites will pointless and irrelevant content full of solutions and methodologies, because they actually are features not benefits. And only feature filled web site doesn’t work.

Just in case, If you need a recap about feature, This is something very cool, influenced design and SEO optimized, and something that comes from feature is called benefit, i.e. your website won’t crash while browsing and your website should be visible in search engines.

Make it very clear in your mind, You cannot sell, Only based on features. Not at all!

Impressive change in people buying behavior

Thanks to content marketing, strategically content are being publish to attract clients, Buying behavior of people have changed a lot. In early 2010 Some client must have approached you for getting their website built, Then you were given a chance to ask question about their budgets and needs.

And if you were lucky, You must have convinced the buyer to have a meeting with you.

That time is gone now. (RIP to those days)

Now, clients before approaching you have already researched about you, before they have decided to build a relationship with you.

Research suggests that before getting in touch with you, The client will be almost half on its way of cracking a deal.

You need to anticipate your client, And give them answers to all the questions they were looking for via your content.

Your content should sell for your product or services.

Deadly content won’t sell:

Nowadays, clients have more power

So, You will not going to decide whom you will sale, In fact your client will decide from where to purchase, You will not get a chance unless you come up with a web content that:

  • Understand visitors problem
  • Providing a solution to their problem

Deadly content doesn’t work for that, It will not going to build trust, And it won’t help in starting a relationship between you and your client.


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