Make a better impact with your marketing material

It is said that first impression always counts. Which is very true when it comes to marketing material. Your website or marketing material should be so attractive that whenever new client will visit your profile, He chooses to stick with your website to grasp more chunks of information, if they close the link that means they have found your web site or material a waste of time.

You have to design your marketing material in such a manner that it looks more appealing that, The audience are encouraged to read the information provided on your website or other marketing material, Or they keep your business card or save your web site link.

You have spent a lot of time in creating, Designing, Writing your material, To ensure your material gets attention and the audience gets encourage to read the information you have gathered and work so hard on it. Before audience read your text or detail, Viewers will see the overall look of the design which you have presented. Viewers usually see these 5 elements in your marketing material.

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Layout is actually how well you have arranged your graphics on your web page. Make sure your layout is clear, well organized and displays your content in readable format and also looks attractive at the same time.


It communicates a brand non verbally giving a visual message about your brand through color psychology. Different colors have different meaning, They even contain emotions in certain cultures.

The color you choose should give an on-message of your brand, color you are using for your brand should be suitable and best fit for your target audience. Let’s take an example of the color red, which is considered as a warning color in the united states but in china, Red color brings good luck and Chinese use it to wear red in weddings.

Proper distribution of color:

Are your colors well distributed on your page? Are you using single color or giving highlights of secondary color. Making top side of the page is one color and bottom side is on another? Each approach is creative, and creates a different effect in your marketing material or in your web page. You need to do in depth analysis of color distribution, Because color is used not to add attraction but, to communicate a brand’s message.

White space:

Little white space will make your design open. In this way your audience will find a little space to rest their eyes while looking at design and words. Viewers will also be encouraged to read your text, if you balance white space in your design and graphics.

The photos:

Pictures are worth more than words, thousands of words are just equal to single picture. Articles or web pages that contain pictures,  receive a increased viewing rate of 94%. When pictures are included in your marketing material it will immediately boost your viewer’s mood, Even consumers prefer purchasing when they see images of product. There is a customer perception that image quality is very important in online business.


Optimum limit for online content

Every time when people tweet or email, they probably doubt if the literature they just wrote is adequate or more than required.

I feel very anxious that my extra typing should not irritate my readers. People want to emerge themselves in social media, but they should do it in a  right way.

I searched around, and found possible length for tweeting, emailing and updating Facebook. There is a lot research done on the value of writing and their length. We can also take guidance from a social media specialist that how much to write on social media.

Optimum limit for online content

100 characters are the fitting limit for tweets

When it comes to the ideal length for tweeting, there is a research conducted by buddy media that 100 characters are considered as a sweet spot for the tweet

You can be creative and simple at a time, In fact twitter itself limited the tweet to 140 characters,  so they can be engross easily, and can be typed more conveniently via mobile phone. Buddy media also reported that people get more engaged with the tweets which has less than 100 characters.

Research has also confirmed that well known and high profile company tweets consist of 100 characters. They also analyzed that for Retweeting purpose 71-100 character length is used, which is a medium size and have enough character that can cover valuable information in tweet.

40 characters are the fitting limit for Facebook post

Forty characters are not enough (The sentence I just wrote contain 27 characters)

According to Jeff Bullas 40 characters is enough to spread the magic. It is also considered effective. He gauges the effectiveness by no of “likes” and “comments” and posts which contained less than 40 words received more likes and comments.

Post with 40 characters received 86 audience engagement and post with 80 or less characters received 66 audience engagement. So, best practice to engage your audience is to post as short as possible.

60 characters are the fitting limit for google+ headline

To give maximum exposure to your post on google+, you have keep your text on 1 line. Breaking point of google+ was revealed by Demian Farnworth that headline should not be more than 60 characters.

Recently google+ updated their policy that only three lines can be seen of original post to read further you need to click on “read more” button.

1,600 characters are the fitting limit for blogs- Approx 7 minutes

When talking about content, The main focus is not on click,  It’s all about attention that how long a reader can stick to reading your article.

The Research found out that ideal blog should not exceed from seven minutes. To arrive on conclusion researcher measured the total time spend on a blog to blog length. And he concluded that 74% posts are 3 minutes long,  Whereas, 94% blogs are 6 minutes long. So, average size should not exceed than 7 minutes.

40-55 characters are the fitting limit for the width of the paragraph

There is a very important fact about the content width that the width of the content represents clarity and maximize cognizance. If you follow the ideal length it will look simple and easily readable.

Perfect paragraph should contain 40-55 words and wideness depends on the font you are using. 40-55 characters per line means you are writing 8 to 11 in a line.

28-39 characters are the fitting limit for the width of the subject line

Subject line means a lot. A study revealed that there is a relationship between the number of characters and click. Analysis shows that subject line that contain 28-39 character have 12.2% chances of opening.

For email marketing, You can also go up to 50 characters but not more than that. Generally the audience prefers that subject line should contain useful information.

55 characters are the fitting limit for the title tag

Title page contains brief info about your page that appears in search result. Recently google has updated their design which can show title tag up to 60 characters. Arial is used for title tags in google.

This article is meant to tell media lover about the character guidelines for media posting, to gain maximum audience engagement for their posts and tweets.